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Las Vegas Porn Star Escorts

The next time someone tells you that you can get anything you want in Vegas - believe them.
702 Vegas Escort has lapped the competition when it comes to special services. Now you no longer need to watch porno flicks and fantasize about the girls on the screen. Thanks to 702 Vegas Escort you can now have one of those luscious porn star babes on your arm for that special occasion with just a phone call. That’s right guys. You can be the big man on campus in the glitziest city in the world when 702 arranges for you to have one of the porn industry’s hottest stars as your escort.

Brittney Skye Carmella Eva Kayden Ashton
Brittney Carmella Eva Kayden Ashton

You're In Vegas Baby

If you’ve ever wanted to make your friends green with envy this is your chance. You can rock the city with an escort that will turn every head no matter where you go. The venue doesn’t matter. Dinner, dancing or the club of your choice. She’s your ticket to making every guy who sees the two of you together wish they were you. Your porn star escort will be the brightest light in the joint. She’ll rock it and you’ll be all smiles.

Think about it. How many guys you know have ever had a real porn star as an escort for the evening? We’re betting none of them have, and no matter how many times she may have thrilled you and your friends on screen, it’s not even close to the real thing. 702 Vegas Escort can make it happen and no other service in Las Vegas can make that claim.

See her in person, have a drink and share laughs in Vegas’ no holds barred atmosphere. Listen to the music and plaster a smile on your Vegas as you enjoy the night with a porn star escort you’ll remember fondly for a very long time.

The porn star escort is the newest feature offering from the top adult entertainment service in the country. 702 Vegas Escort is unquestionably the best, most user friendly and reliable service in the city. One call will make your trip to Vegas the most unforgettable experience of your life.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to be with a girl you have only seen in magazines or on the big screen. Fairy tales can come true and so can wishes, only in this case you don’t have to be Aladdin or use a magic lamp. This is Vegas baby. You can do it with a phone call.

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