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Sexual Pleasure Between Mature Couples

Mature Couples Sexual Pleasure

As the body ages, you will experience changes in your sex drive and your sex life. You can harness these changes and incorporate them into a new found way to enjoy sex, or let them get the best of you and allow your sex life to fail, floundering away with tour youth. Don't settle for less sex, here are some ways to increase your sexual satisfaction with your lover.

Keep the passion alive. Pretend you are younger, re-live your youth with caressing touches, soft kisses. Enjoy foreplay and give your lover sensual massage. Draw a bath and enjoy it together. Sharing intimacy in an emotional way is the best way to keep the passion alive, even if you can't enjoy vigorous sex or funky positions like in your youth, these is something so magical about sharing an intimate, sensual moment.

Fix your erectile dysfunction
. Penis pumps are made to give you an erection, cock rings are designed to give you an erection. Use a penis vacuum pump and enjoy your sex life the way you used to. It's very unfortunate that penis pumps have somehow created a reputation for penis enlargement, this is not the case. penis pumps do not enlarge your penis. They help with erectile dysfunction. Think about it this way, if you were to suck on your finger every day, would your finger grow? Not likely, the same effect happens to your penis. Pumping the air out of the cylinder forces blood into your penis and makes you become erect, it is impossible for this method to increase penis size.

Use a vibrator
. There are same smaller vibrators perfect for mature women. You want something soft so look for latex or jelly, among the softest materials. Plastic vibrators are very powerful and many women find them too uncomfortable. Play with the vibrator together, it's a great way to become intimate and a little kinky at the same time. If she is very hesitant about using a sex toy try a small vibrator, like a pocket rocket vibrator. These are often recommended as the best adult toy when introducing sex toys to your lover. The don't inert and are only about 4 inches long so it's not intimidating at all. The pocket rocket vibrator is used for clitoral stimulation and you can tease the opening of the vagina, This teasing sensation will arouse her so much, she will crave more. Virtually guaranteeing that she will want more and allow you to pick up another vibrator, a longer and bigger one.

Use a vibrating bullet. These are not as popular as vibrators but are considered one of the best sex toys for the best sexual enjoyment. They are so easy to use, all you have to do is hold it over her clitoris during sex and let the magic mini sex toy do all the work! Being really small, there are also wireless varieties that look like little characters like ducks or elephants, making it seem so cute and pretty. She will like the look and when you show her the feel, she will be putty in your hands!

Use a vibrating cock ring
. These are an aged man's best friend when it comes to enhancing the sex life. They are dual-purpose. They will help to keep your erection firm and allow you to pleasure your partner at the same time. The rings vibrate and stimulate her when you thrust in. A side effect if vibrating penis rings is that they can cause premature ejaculation so you may want to get some penis desensitizer, a topical anesthetic which will allows you to enjoy sex longer, just like you used to in your youth!

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