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Las Vegas Brothels

They call it the world’s oldest profession, and it is. Prostitution is not only a physical and sensory pleasure it is also legal in many counties in Nevada. At one time Las Vegas did have a number of brothels, and the houses of pleasure have been a part of Nevada since the late 1800s, providing services for ranchers, farm hands, casino workers and all manner of locals, transients and business folk without complaint. After all, even though the number of brothels in the state has dwindled from the hundreds to approximately 45 facilities today, they all seem to operate with one common rule of protocol: “The Customer Always Comes First”.

Brittney Skye Carmella Mikela Ruby Bianca
Brittney Carmella Mikela Ruby Bianca

Nevada Brothels

However, many of the 36 million annual visitors are under the mistaken impression that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas and that Sin City has licensed brothels. Well, let’s set the record straight. There are no legal brothels in Las Vegas, or within Clark County. Nevada law restricts licensed brothels to counties with populations under 400,000. But do not despair. There are more than 30 licensed brothels in the Silver state, and many are within easy driving distance of Las Vegas. Cabbies, limo drivers, bellman and valet parking attendants all know the names and reputations of the various houses of “ill repute” and can aid you in your search for the most delectable and professional smorgasbord of females pleasers this side of heaven.

As a visitor you are probably most concerned with cost and safety, so you should know that all of the brothels are licensed by the state of Nevada, and each and every working girl is regularly tested for STD’s and none are allowed to work unless they are given a clean bill of health. Additionally, these ladies are trained professionals and your wish is their command. The nearest brothels to Las Vegas are in Pahrump, Nevada, a rapidly growing little community less than a 40 minute drive from the fabulous Las Vegas strip.

Closet to Vegas; Cherry Patch Ranch & Mabel’s Ranch in Crystal, Nevada; Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump. All of those, and even the rural “ranches” are upscale classy operations with willing ladies, 24/7 accessibility and a wide variety of companion selection, competitive prices and available bar service. Because of the population size restrictions many of the state’s brothels are in rural areas and cater to truckers and other highway travelers, but all contribute mightily to the state’s economy.

In other words there is no shortage of customers, as evidenced by the fact that Nevada brothels rake in roughly $50 million in total revenue in an average year and have a $400 million dollar impact on the state’s economic welfare. Seems like they must be doing something right. And what could be wrong with making a living supplying beautiful women to a lonely trucker, a visiting salesman, an anonymous senator or a Reno/Vegas high-roller?

So if you have the urge and want it your way, go without reservation. In a state where most everything is a gamble, this is one gamble you are sure to come out a winner. It is safe, secure, regulated and private. Enjoy!

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